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What Is Meant By "Secular?

The National Secular Society defines the term as the strict separation of the state from religious institutions and the equality of people of different religions and beliefs before the law. This is not an atheist position but, in fact, one that protects religious freedom.

In practice most secularists are also very concerned that education should be secular in the sense that there should be no schools that give a privileged place to a particular religion or belief system. Children should be taught about them all and not that one is right and the others wrong. Schools should be prevented from having admission rules that favour children from a particular background. Even some people who are intensely religious support this position because they have seen the damage that such segregation does to societies.

This project seeks to extend secularity to morality. It does not deny that some of what religions say is part of mankind's store of wisdom. It looks forward to those ideas being identified and expressed in a way that can help us all. It does, however, require that such contributions are subjected to the same examination and testing as non-religious contributions and that they prove themselves useful and shareable.

If you are happy with that then move on:

Agreement on what morality is

Agreement on the kind of morality that is desirable

Agreement on how it can be developed