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Agree on how it can be developed

The project aims to develop a library of processes and tools that have proved valuable in moral decision making. Value is proven in development events run by project participants who use the contents of the library as an input and report on observations made at those events, particularly new candidate tools and processes. Participants also help to improve the contents of the library by meeting together and by contributing papers. By far the most fruitful events run so far have been Ethical Juries but we are open minded and looking for other suggestions.

The viewpoint is taken that morality is a practical issue and that we are trying to develop guidance that is useful, rather than searching for truth. The approach is therefore more like a project that is producing guidance documents on procedures in a global company rather than one trying to make advances in philosophy. The word "global" is important here because, wherever possible, guidance needs to be produced that can be translated faithfully into many languages. For this reason also, anything written for the project should be expressed as simply as possible. If you are still happy with these ideas, perhaps you may like to get involved: If you are still happy with these ideas, perhaps you may like to get involved. You may also be interested in hearing more About the Project