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There are several ways in which people can help this project. We would particularly encourage people to hold Ethical Juries and pass any learning from them to the project. Seminars and workshops produce valuable ideas on Dilemma Resolution Processes and items in the Toolbox which can be incorporated into the Project Library. If you want to make a contribution to the thinking of the project, you might encapsulate it in a position paper. Find those already submitted here.

Any material you have to offer along with any helpful comments should be sent to contributions(at) - obviously replacing (at) with @.

The founder of the project would be particularly grateful to anyone who gives some serious thought to the role of Self-Honesty in morality and the Triax. He believes it to be something that deserves a great deal more attention and is particularly interested in building a good collection of examples of the way self-deceit perverts out moral judgement.